Another pedo scandal near Vatican, Rome

Prosecution of Don Ruggero Conti.    Rome, Selva Candida, April 10, 2010
The beginning: from early 1998 to 2006, Vatican and Bishop did not remove the priest.
A priest well known in the capital so that the Mayor of Rome Gianni Alemanno chose him in the election campaign, with eight other experts (like the immunologist Fernando Aiuti, General Mario Mori, the actor Luca Barbareschi, director Pasquale Squitieri) as guarantor for the policies of the periphery and the family. He was arrested in June 2007 by an order of detention issued by the magistrate at the request of Attorney General Andrea Vardaro, carried out by Rome police investigating nucleus directed by Major Lorenzo Sabatino. Free Image Hosting at
The prosecution is continuing and aggravated sexual assault. Two little boys witness, state: In the middle of the night was awakened by Don Ruggero, who thrusts his hand into his pajamas. The boy also said to have removed the then vicar. The friend was the victim instead of the priest at a summer camp. Don Ruggero would have kissed and caressed in the private parts.
Episodes in addition to horror stories of eight other alleged victims who attend the parish at Selva Candida, near Rome. Yesterday, the eighth child has confirmed the charges before the prosecutor. Be not yet challenged the suspect, ended up in prison for abusing seven children between 98 and last March.
CDs, DVDs, clothes, money. Don Ruggero would have easily won the trust of these vulnerable minors, all between 11 and 16. He invited them into his house, even to sleep. And then…
Now, we will follow the beginning of the trial.   data24 aprile 2010 15.03
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